Six Healing Sounds


     The Six Healing Sounds or Liu Zi Jue (六字訣) is one of the common forms of Chinese Chi Kung, and involves the coordination of movement and breathing patterns with specific sounds. The goal of the Six Healing sounds is sooth or remove emotional problems, pollution, poor food, injuries, and sudden or overly strenuous exercise that can overheat one or more organs and cause illness in those organs. The Six Healing Sounds and postures cool and cleanse the vital organs and stimulate the flow of Chi energy to individual organs, as well as to the whole body. Increased health, strength and calmness result. There are specific positions that you can assume to help liberate any heat that may be trapped within the cooling sacs that surround each vital organ. Then a specific method has been developed circulate the heat of over-activated organs so that it is evenly distributed throughout the body.


     Wait at least one hour after eating before beginning this practice. Choose a quiet spot. Dress warmly so as not to be chilled. Loosen your clothing and set on your “sitting bones” at the very edge of a chair. The genitals, as an important energy center, should be unsupported. The legs should be a hip’s width apart, and the feet should be solidly on the floor. Sit comfortably erect with the shoulders relaxed and the chin slightly tucked in. Place you hands comfortably on you lap, the right palm on top of the left. Breathe normally. Close your eyes. When you begin place the tongue ia comfortable position near the teeth.


  1. Position: Take a deep breath and assume the same position as for the Liver Sound, But lean slightly to the right since the heart is located slightly to the left of center in you chest. Focus on the hear and feel the tongue’s connection to it.
  2. Sound: Open the mouth, round the lips and exhale, sub vocally making the sound “HAAAAAAA”. Picture the sac surrounding the heart expelling heat, impatience, hastiness, arrogance,and Cruelty.
  3. Rest and Concentration: After exhaling smile down to the heart and visualize a bright red color. Feel joy, honor, and sincerity grow in the heart.
  4. Repeating the Steps: Repeat the Heart Sound three to six times. Practice more times for sour throats, cold sores, swollen gums or tongue, jumpiness, moodiness, and heart disease.


  1. Position: Sit on the edge of a chair with the backs of your hands on your thighs. While looking at your palms, the hands are at eye level, begin to rotate the palms and bring them up above your head, until the fingers of each hand point toward each other, and the palms face upward and outward. Keep the elbows rounded out to either side. Do not straighten your arms.
  2. Sound: Close the jaws so that the teeth meet gently, and part the lops slightly. As you look up, push up, through your palms, draw the corners of the mouth back and exhale on the sound “SSSSSSSS”, made sub-vocally, slowly and evenly in one breath, Picture and feel the sac covering the lungs compress and expel the “excess heat”, sick energy, sadness, sorrow and grief.
  3. Rest and Concentrate: When you have exhaled completely, rotate the palms down, gently lowering the shoulders, and slowly lower your hands to your lap[, resting them on your thighs, palms up. Close your eyes, and be aware of your lungs, imagining that you are still making the sound. Breathe into the lungs normally to strengthen them. Visualize the color white and smile into the lungs. Try to feel the exchange of cool, fresh energy replacing hot, waste energy. Feel righteousness and courage grow.
  4. Repeat the Steps: Repeat the Lung Sound three to six times. For colds, flu. Toothaches, asthma, emphysema, or depression.


  1. Position: Sit on the edge of your chair and extend the arms out to the sides, palms up. Take a deep breath as you slowly swing the arms up and over the head, following this action with your eyes. Interlace the fingers and turn your joined hands over to face the ceiling, palms up. Push out at the heel of the palms and feel the stretch through the arm into the shoulders. Bend slightly to the left, exerting a gentle pull on the liver.
  2. Sound: Open you eyes wide as they are the openings of the liver. Slowly exhale and subvocally emit the sound “SHHHHH”. Envision excess heat and anger expelling from the liver as the sac enveloping the liver is compressed.
  3. Rest and Concentrate: When you have fully exhaled, turn the hands over, separate them, and slowly bring the arms down to your sides, leading with the heels of the hands. Bring the hands to rest on you thighs, palms up. Smile down to the liver. Close your eyes, breathe into the liver and be aware of it as it rest under the right rib cage.Imagine you are still making the liver sound. Fell kindness grow there and visualize the color green. Sense the energy exchange.
  4. Repeat the Steps: Repeat the Liver Sound three to six times. Practice more times to help expel anger, clear red, watery eyes, remove a sour or bitter taste, or detoxify the liver.

Spleen / Pancreas

  1. Position: Take a deep breath as you place your hands with the index fingers resting at the bottom and slightly to the left of the sternum, above the navel. You will press in with the fingers as you push out with the middle back.
  2. Sound Look up and gently push your gingers tips into your solar plexus area, while subvocally exhaling the Spleen Sound, “HWOOOOOOO”. Fell the sound vibrate the vocal cords. Fell worry being expelled.
  3. Rest and Concentration: Once you have fully exhaled, close the eyes. Place the hands on the thighs, palms up, and concentrate your smiling energy on the spleen, pancreas and stomach. Breathe into these organs. Imagine a bright yellow light shining and feel fairness growing.
  4. Repeat the Steps: Repeat the Spleen Sound three to six times. Practice more times to eliminate indigestion, nausea, and diarrhea.


  1. Position: Bring your legs together, ankles and knees touching, take a deep breath and lean forward, clasping your right hand fingers around your left, and embracing your knees with your joined hands. Pull back on and straighten the arms. Allow your back to sag out so that it protrudes in the areas of your kidneys; then tilt your head back slightly, and feel the pull on the spine.
  2. Sound: Round the lops and slightly exhale making the “WOOOOO” sound as of one blowing out a candle. At the same time contract your abdomen in toward your kidneys. Keep the lips rounded. Imagine the excess heat, the wet, sick energy and fear being squeezed out from the membranes surrounding the kidneys.
  3. Rest and Concentrate: When you have fully exhaled sit erect, separate the legs, and place your hands on your thighs palms up. Close your eyes, breathe into the kidneys and be aware of them. Visualize the color blue in the kidneys, smile to them, imagining that you are still making the sound, and feel. Gentleness there. Be aware of the flowing energy.
  4. Repeat the Steps: Repeat the Kidney Sound three

Triple Warmer

     The Triple Warmer refers to the three energy centers of the body: The upper section (brain, heart and lungs) is hot; the middle section (liver, kidneys, stomach, pancreas and spleen) is warm; and the lower section (large and small intestines, bladder and sexual organs) is cool. The Triple Warmer Sound, “HEEEEEE”, serves to balance e the temperature of the three levels by bringing hot energy down to the lower center and cold energy up to the upper center through the digestive tract.

  1. Position: Lie on your back with your arms resting, palms up at your sides, and your eyes closed, Inhale fully into all three cavities: chest, solar plexus, and lower abdomen.
  2. Sound: Exhale the Triple Warmer Sound, “HEEEEEE”, sub-vocally, first flattening your chest, the your solar plexus and finally your lower abdomen. Imagine a large roller pressing out your breath.
  3. Rest and Concentrate: When you have fully exhaled, concentrate on the entire digestive tract; that is most of the torso.
  4. Repeat the Steps: Repeat the Triple Warmer Sound three to six times. Practice more time to relieve insomnia(until you fall asleep) and stress.