Eight Pillars

     The system consists of eight pillars, which is symbolized by a Trigram. Each of the eight Trigrams is associated to a pillar level such as Síu Nihm Tàuh. These trigrams circle to form a Baat Kwa in which is display below. The goal is to circle the Baat Kwa by completing each of the eight Trigrams in sequence. Hence, the practitioner will start at the Síu Nihm Tàuh trigram, indicated at the lower right with three solid bars, and move to the next Trigram in a clockwise direction. Along the path, the practitioner will be required to achieve more skills until he or she reaches the final Trigram or the Baat Jáam Döu pillar. Here, the practitioner will continue his or her endless journey around and around the Baat Kwa again by themselves, without instructors; only then, the practitioner would have mastered the art of Wing Chun.

Eight Pillar Requirements

Síu Nihm Tàuh
Chàm Kìuh
Muhk Yāhn Jōng
Chì Sáu
Kyùn Faat
Luhk Dím Bun Gòn
Baat Jáam Dōu