Question 7: Do I need to do a formal test before proceeding to the next level?

Last Updated: 02 March, 2014

The Kwoon usually has tests perform on a quarterly basis. Each test will have a physical and an academic portion. The physical test will have a set of protocols that will be explain by SiFu or any of the senior students. The academic portion of the test may be written or an oral. All Pillar testing is performed in sequential order. Additionally, All student must test on all previous Pillars. For example, if a student is to take Chì Sáu test than he must also take Síu Nihm Tàuh, Chàm Kìuh and Muk Yan Jong tests.

Grading Process

         A student will begin a test with a hundred points. Each mistake will be a three-point deduction. A repeat of the same mistake will receive an extra point deduction. The student must obtain an eighty or above to pass. If a practitioner passes any Pillar test, SiFu will issue a certificate with his personal chop or seal. Every certificate has an expiration date associated with it. Any student that allows their certifications to expire must retake their examinations.